Coverage Of ecoATM Ban In Baltimore

(photo by P. Kenneth Burns/WYPR)
(photo by P. Kenneth Burns/WYPR)

Over the summer, Baltimore City officials heard a proposal to ban automated purchasing machines.  The machines have been dubbed in the vernacular “ecoATMs” named after the company in San Diego, Ca. that manufactures and manages them.  In the course of covering the story for WYPR, NPR expressed interest in the story as the council moved towards a final vote.

July 2: City Hears Proposal To Ban ecoATMs: story for WYPR
Sept. 7: Story for Weekends on All Things Considered from NPR News
Sept. 17: City Bans ecoATM Machines: story for WYPR; I also contributed a spot for NPR

When the Maryland General Assembly convened in 2014, the tackled legislation to regulate automated purchase machines.

Feb. 5: Annapolis Tackles ecoATMs: story for WYPR

Later in the year, Baltimore County proposed and passed legislation that would ban the machines there.

Feb. 25: Baltimore County Takes On Cell Phone Theft: No One’s Happy: story for WYPR
Mar. 5: Baltimore county Bans ecoATM: story for WYPR

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